The official ‘kinder photo’ is not only an institution for Australian families, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture your child’s fleeting early years in a series of beautiful, high quality, archival photographic prints.

Kinder committees and teachers appreciate Gary’s professionalism and minimal disruption to the kinder program, ensuring happy children and parents year after year. Each kinder receives a complimentary class photo, ever popular ‘silly class photo’ and a percentage of proceeds from sales.

Get in early to secure your date for this much anticipated ‘once in a lifetime’ event on the pre-school calendar.
Parents select from four Pre-paid Photo Packs and Optional Extras, including exciting new A4 kinder photo books and high quality prints to ensure your precious memories last forever.

Kinder Photos by Boss provides exceptional care and value for money:
• Experience – After photographing thousands of children, Gary knows how important it is to take the time to build rapport with each child, ensuring a happy and memorable experience for all involved – and exceptional results.
• Quality – Experience, professionalism and attention to detail ensures beautifully presented, archival photographs.
• Delivery – Pre-paid orders ensure cost effective, professional service and prompt, reliable delivery with no additional involvement by the kinder required.
• Benefits for the kinder – Guaranteed professional service, happy children, happy parents, minimal administration, complimentary class photo, silly class photo and a percentage of proceeds from sales.
• 100% Money-back guarantee – Boss Photography offers a 100% money-back guarantee if parents are not completely satisfied with the quality of their photographs.
Top tips for getting the best portrait of your child:
• Don’t make a big deal of the day
• Dress in normal kinder clothes
• Don’t teach/coach your child how to smile
• Arrive at kinder happy and relaxed
• Let Gary work his magic!

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