High Country Locations

Professional photographer Gary Boseley has spent the last 15 years exploring the High Country from behind the lens.
“I like the fresh air, rolling hills and ever changing light,” says photographer, Gary Boseley. “It’s not everyone who has the quality equipment I take with me everywhere I go to capture extraordinary sights in this amazing landscape. It’s the changing light and weather conditions. Sometimes I see something I’ve never seen before, in a particular light, even though I’ve driven past it 100 times before.”

Gary knows the changing light, weather conditions and access issues for the time of day and time of year across the region, with special access to some of the High Country’s most stunning locations.

• Craig’s Hut
• Snow season/all seasons
• Ski fields
• Water (lakes and rivers)
• Mountains
• Country lanes
• Australian bush
• Native flora and fauna
• Farmland
• Homestead
• Alpine backdrop
• Mountain cattlemen country
All photographs are professionally framed on site.